我兒子從2014年10月起, 在Opus Academy學習Reading 和 Drama and Speech,孩子很喜歡來這裡上課,並且也取得了較大的進步。在2015年1月申請St. George’s School一年級入學考試中,順利通過並被該校錄取。 Opus Academy的教學方法很有特色,能激發孩子對學習的喜愛並培養良好的學習習慣。 我兒子會在Opus Academy繼續學習,同時也感謝Opus Academy 對我兒子這八個月來的教學與指導!

~ Sophia, Jing Jiang’s Mother

“I have been taking the EPGY Writing series courses ever since I started coming to Opus Academy. This course has really helped me become a strong English student at school. I have learned many different writing styles and techniques which I have found useful for the various writing assignments I receive at school. Not only have I improved my writing skills, but also my reading and analysis skills. I have read many interesting articles, short stories, and novels, reading which increased my range of knowledge. This course was really worth taking.”

~ Melody, EPGY English Writing Student, Grade 11

“Through Opus’ EPGY Program, I was able to gain experience in essay writing and develop fundamental writing skills; I read various literary works, including Arthur Miller’s The Crucible, I learned how to recognize and avoid logical fallacies and improve my writing techniques. These skills proved invaluable at school, especially in expository essay writing, literary essay writing and persuasive essay writing. With the help of my writing teacher, I can now approach writing assignments with confidence.”

~ Margaret, EPGY English Writing Student, Grade 12

“The system used for the mathematics program at Opus Academy is very unique. The majority of the lectures and assignments are provided by a computer, rather than a teacher in person. I prefer this system, especially since a teacher is able to help me if I am stuck on a question. The system is very organized and polished with the exception of a few minor bugs. The lectures are detailed and cover most of the concepts for the chapters. The additional help from the math teacher is convenient. Thanks to this magnificent learning program, I was able to further develop my mathematical skills. If you consider putting your son/daughter in an educational academy, I highly recommend Opus Academy.”

~ Michael, Math Student, Grade 8

“This course has not only helped me in my speech practical exams, but in my school work as well.  Reading through plays and talking about literary works help me understand references in school that are foreign to most people.  It also gives me more to write about in essays because I can draw on examples from literature I have read.  Often, the works that I study in RCM Speech Arts History and Literature courses are used in school as well.  The course is good for academic purposes, and in everyday life: it helps me understand references and allusions that are made.

Although the course is a lot of work, it is definitely worth it.  There is a lot to read and understand, but it is taught in such a way that you have a greater understanding of history by the end.  All the literary works have historical and political significance.  Also, you gain an understanding of how to read and analyze works of literature beyond the ones you read in class.”

~ Vanessa, Speech Arts Student, Grade 11

“After four years in Opus Academy’s Speech Arts program, I’ve become much more self-assured when it comes to public speaking. The helpful and supportive teachers at Opus are great role models and guides in both regular class exercises and exam preparation times. A background with these classes proved especially helpful in university interviews since speaking with confidence and thinking on my feet were essential to giving a quality first impression. Although these classes are indeed a lot of hard work, the outcome is well worth the effort.

~ Audrey, Speech Arts Student, Grade 12

“The Opus Speech Arts and Drama Program could be one of the best programs that one can ever take. Speech Arts has helped me not only in my speaking, but it has also changed who I am, how I perceive the world, and how I act in front of people. Before I took the program, I was always horrified when I had to speak to strangers, even to fellow students. If I had to speak to people, my voice would always be so low that people couldn’teven hear. But now, after three and half years of Speech Arts training, I nearly got voted the person in Grade 10 that does not need a megaphone! Not only did the Speech Arts program help me gain confidence in my speaking, it has also helped place me in the top three of my English class. I still remember the look on my classmates’ faces when we first began reading Romeo and Juliet and how they were as pale as snow when the teacher announced that we had to act out Shakespeare in front of the class. Doing speech arts for so long had prepared me for all of this and I was the only one joking about it in my class after which , I am not exaggerating, the others became so jealous of me that they all tried to have me in their Shakespeare scene.

The theory and the history associated with speech arts also helped me very much in my school life. Thank to the course on the history of speech arts, I can understand so easily what the teacher is talking about when it comes to poetry and plays that I was called by a teacher as “our class resident poet.” Thanks to the theory I learned and my experience in speech arts, I was nominated for vice-president at my school’s Toastmasters Club (club for improvised and prepared speech). Taking the speech theory course in Opus aided me in my campaign since I was able to adapt what I learned in Opus and teach it to my fellow club members. No matter how I look at it, speech arts at Opus have changed my life and helped me be more active in my school community.

The staff and teachers at Opus are very kind and encouraging. They are funny, thoughtful, and serious when it is demanded. They are excellent people to work with. The facility is top rated. It is very clean, well furnished, and large enough to do what is supposed to be done; overall, it is an excellent place to study and learn."

~ Oscar, Speech Arts Student, Grade 10

Specific Comments:

“Taking the RCM Speech Arts Theory Level 1 courses has allowed me to move ahead in school and strive in other courses.  When the material from this course is taught in school, I can easily recall what was taught in the course and further expand my knowledge of this material.  Also, I am sure that the History and Literature course will help in the same way when our school begins teaching the material.”

General Comments:

“Many courses at Opus Academy have allowed me to be ahead of what is being taught at school.”

~ Andrew Gr. 6 student

Specific Comments:

  • the way he taught the course made studying easier because I remembered things from the beginning of the course
  • managed time wisely and finished course on time
  •  very concise and to-the-point
  •  the teacher is knowledgeable and I learned something new each time
  • the teacher made sure I understood the topic before moving on
  • good notes -> easy to refer to

General Comments:

  • the course helps me in English at school -> analyzing/understanding, plays/poems
  •  have better sense of English literature and language that will in turn help me in public speaking

~ Brian  Gr. 10 student

“The teacher has been very helpful in teaching me about aspects of speech, especially differences in tone.  I really enjoy how she often shows me how to exaggerate & perform on stage, instead of just reading.”

~ Jeffrey Gr. 11 student

“Speech is an intricate act. There are hidden problems and obstacles that often make even a very experienced speaker stumble.  Teacher Alan has been very helpful in pointing out aspects of speech and persuasion that I would not be able to catch on my own.  He taught me specific methods and oral skills to polish my speeches, skills that enhance the delivery of message and content.  Indeed, speech is a natural act of talking, but good speeches are a work of art.  Through my work with Alan, I found the process of speech writing and delivery not only gratifying but also artistically fulfilling.  Passion, energy and skill are the three aspects of speech I learned to control and excel in through my 3 years in Opus.”

~ Jeffrey Gr. 12 student

“Teacher Anne is one of the best teachers I have met.  She is extremely talented in literary analysis, providing a very structured and methodical way of examining content, style, diction and underlying message.  The specific instructions and insights into effective reading and writing I found lacking even in IB programs and other literary courses have all been Anne’s specialty.  Although the study of literature can be tedious and often boring, Anne can bring one’s understanding of text and content to a deeper, more emotional level that students can honestly connect with.  I would recommend her to IB, AP and university students who have trouble finding a personal understanding of literature.”

~ Jeffrey Gr. 12 student

“My name is Katy Lee and I just started attending a boarding school called Rectory School in the United States.  I am really enjoying my life there and now when I look back I think Opus helped me a lot with improving English, expanding my vocabulary, improving my articulation, and encouraging me this far.  I really thank all the teachers who have taught me many important skills that I need when preparing for something big, like Rectory.  I never thought these classes such as Current Events, Communication Skills, Speech, or Interview Skills would ever help me but I learned a lot through these courses.  For example, by taking Current Event class with Shane and Shannon (which was fun) I got to care more about what was going on in the world and I think that affected me very much in my history class.  And yes, most people may find Current Event class reasonable to take but Communication Skills, Speech and Interview Skills are important too.  It may seem as though it wouldn’t be important but those classes helped me improve pronunciation, articulation, and get more comfortable and confident with public speaking, which I don’t really enjoy doing. And you need to know how to speak in public if you were to attend private boarding schools because the teachers there find it important and you need to learn how to behave in an interview in order to get into schools like Rectory or any other wonderful school.  I recommend that you take these classes. The teachers are fun and you learn a lot.”

~ Katy (Grade 7)

“The public speaking course helped me in school because it helped me build my confidence.

~ Lyndon  Grade 6 Student

The courses that I took, W9A & W041, have been very productive and enjoyable.  These classes have improved and enforced my English and poetry skills. It also broadened my vocabulary and improved my writing style for both my essays and poetry.  I remembered the important parts of English I forgot.  The teachers here love what they do, which is teaching.  If a teacher likes what she/he does, then their students will also like what they are learning from a passionate teacher that can make a class fun.

The teachers at Opus love what they teach and are passionate about it.  I have taken other classes at Opus such as Speech & Drama, Language Arts and Writing, and Math, if not all.  Most of the teachers at Opus are the best teachers I’ve ever met.”

~ David   Grade 8 Student

“I attended ‘speech and drama’ course and writing course.  The ‘speech and drama’ course improved my public speaking in only two months!  The writing course taught me to fully utilize advanced vocabulary in my writing.  I also learned sentence patterns from the course, which is very important in writing.  The classes are so fun that every time I go to Opus, I’m very excited.”

~ Eric Yin Grade 5 Student

Specific comments:

  • The teacher always gives us many fun assignments and a fair amount of homework
  • She is very humorous
  • When we are on the computer, she helps us if we get stuck

General comments:

  • She is always happy and makes the class fun
  • She helps us with different types of writing styles

~ Angela  Gr. 7 student

Overall I have learned so much from the speech arts grade 10 course. Starting off without confidence, I gained a lot of it through this course.  All the background research and extensive rehearsal that we did in class really gave me confidence while performing.  This course has also taught me the importance of time management and how to work efficiently, since I had to spread out my memorization over a span of weeks.  All in all, I am confident that the skills I have learned from the course will serve me well in the future.

~ Stacy Gr. 10 student

Opus really helped me improve my grammar skills, language arts skills, and speech art/drama skills.  It also really motivated me to try to read different genres.  I am very glad I took the courses. I really enjoyed working with both the teachers, and I hope I get to work with them again.

~Jacqueline  Gr. 6 student

Opus has quality teachers and staff.  Michael is a great teacher.  He is knowledgeable in all aspects of Speech and Drama.  He is inspiring and encouraging.  Anne knows how to express her ideas and correct students in a way that is constructive and helpful.  She helped me grow as a writer.

~Timothy Gr. 11 student

The class is pretty cool.  The teacher is kind.  EPGY is quite helpful; it helped get into Stanford’s Summer Program.  Overall, it’s “high quality” education.

~Phillip Gr. 7 student

The speech arts history/literature and theory lessons are very good.  Not only do they help me in school with subjects like socials studies (history), but allow me to obtain very high marks on the RCM examinations.

~Natasha Gr. 9 student

Three years stuck in the same course has definitely helped me bond with the writing course which has dominated my Sundays.  Yet the levels of writing, analysis, rhetoric, and much more learnt in the course has helped me so much in both my school career and interpersonal interactions.  Communication through writing, the main focus of the course, has definitely become a skill at which I excel and am comfortable with.

~Jason Gr. 9 student

Though unrelated to anything at school or anything I had ever come in contact with, the AP Psychology class which I attended was especially an influence in helping me comprehend the beauty of nature and the mind.  The class helped me understand the world in a new way, and is an experience which I will always cherish.

~Jason Gr. 9 student

I particularly enjoyed the intellectual and depth of thought employed in the classes.  Indeed, the discussions surrounding literature and the historical context of the pieces added another layer of understanding not only to the course, but also to school and general knowledge as well.  Coming out of the course meant not only a certificate from LCM/RCM/TG, but also a deeper appreciation for literature as well.

~Jason Gr. 9 student

The math teacher Vania really helped me understand the course material.

~Hannah Gr. 9 student

Being here at Opus with my wonderful teacher was very helpful.  I got better grades in school tests and more confidence when I speak to a person I have never met.  The time I spent here was not wasted.

~Jenny Gr. 4 student

The math program at Opus is great and develops skills from basic math all the way to calculus.  The EPGY program from Stanford is highly developed and the teachers are very knowledgeable.  I would highly recommend the math program at Opus Academy.

~Alvin Gr. 11 student

The instructors are great and there is a wide variety of areas to pursue.  From speech and drama to math and English, Opus offers the best in enrichment for students.

~Alvin Gr. 11 student

The course was great and the teacher was very friendly and open.  The amount of work was just right and the course ran smoothly.  I enjoyed the small class size and thought the overall course was fantastic!  All material that we learned was very helpful and it has helped me improve in my school work.  Opus has a great learning environment and all the staff/teachers are super nice.

~Ava Gr. 11 student

I am a graduating Grade 12 student from Kitsilano Secondary School and I got accepted to Cornell University, UIUC, etc.  I got a lot of help from Opus teachers during my university preparation process.  Michael helped me with SAT prep and Amanda helped me with interview prep.  I also took the public speaking with Guy in Grade 10.  I found all the teachers here responsible and the knowledge and strategies I obtained here really helped me build up confidence.  I really appreciated their caring teaching.

~Kathy Gr. 12 student

Throughout the time at Opus Academy, I have learned a lot from my teachers and fellow peers.  From problem solving in math to presentation skills in speech arts, each has helped me shape who I am today.  I am so thankful for the wonderful staff and learning environment at Opus for helping me to improve in all areas ranging from literature to sciences, and from math to public speaking.  Not only has the Opus team shaped me into who I am today, I am positive that they can do the same for every single student as well.

~Daniel Gr. 9 student

I have studied at Opus for 5 years.  I think that Opus Academy has helped me in writing, answering in full sentences, improving my speechwriting, and given me chances to perform my piano.  I thank all the staff and teachers who have taught me a lot of valuable skills to improve my grades.  The teachers at Opus are also very kind and understanding.  Finally, I want to thank Opus Academy for helping me build up my confidence in performing.  In those 5 years, I have learned to improve my writing, grammar, and piano.

~Patrick Gr. 6 student

我兒子從2014年10月起, 在Opus Academy學習Reading 和 Drama and Speech,孩子很喜歡來這裡上課,並且也取得了較大的進步。在2015年1月申請St. George’s School一年級入學考試中,順利通過並被該校錄取。 Opus Academy的教學方法很有特色,能激發孩子對學習的喜愛並培養良好的學習習慣。 我兒子會在Opus Academy繼續學習,同時也感謝Opus Academy 對我兒子這八個月來的教學與指導!

~ Sophia, Jing Jiang’s Mother

“The interview skills course was a great class for my son. It provides essential information and guidelines on how to prepare for an interview when applying for a private school. My son enjoyed the class and learned many interview skills from instructor and all other staffs.

Opus Academy offers a wide variety of courses for students in all levels and always provides suggestions and recommends the specific course for different students with their own needs.”

~ Jason Li, Bradley Li’s Father

“I first sent my two daughters to Opus Academy in 2004.  Although I was initially unsure whether these speech, writing and math classes were worth the cost and time required, I was soon convinced of the effectiveness of Opus Academy’s programs.  The teachers and staff are experienced and knowledgeable – not to mention helpful and supportive.  When the time came for my daughters to apply for university, both the writing and speech programs were vital in preparing them for applications and interviews.  I would strongly recommend Opus Academy to prospective parents and students.”

~ Judy, Parent

“We are very satisfied with Lyndon’s development and progress since he started the public speaking course with Opus.  We can see his confidence growing: the way he prepares a presentation is much improved and his presentation skills are much better.”

~ Joseph, Parent

“Hello I am Katy Lee’s mother. My daughter has been studying at Opus for about one year and ten months. Katy had previously studied English in Korea; however, I found significant differences between the classes in Korea and Opus. The first year at Opus, Katy did not show any great improvement. But now when I think about it, during that year all the different classes she took, especially EPGY courses, must have been gradually strengthening Katy’s weaknesses. The knowledge and the ambition that the teachers in Opus have seem comparable to that of university professors. Specifically, the teachers’ precise understanding of their students and the information they provide were beyond my expectations. Currently, the writing class that Katy once found to be most difficult has become her favourite subject. Also, Katy’s countless experiences on the stage during her speech class have helped her build confidence and skills. Katy is currently taking General Communication Arts, Current Events, and Essay Writing courses and she says that these classes are very helpful. Katy likes that she gets to choose the books and the topics to present to the class. Also, Katy feels proud that she is acquiring new vocabulary to expand her knowledge. The Current Events class is a great way for Katy to become involved in the world news. She asks about my own opinions on certain events or incidents so that I also have to keep up with the current news issues. As a mother I am so happy to see my daughter becoming a global citizen. I am so grateful to Opus."

~ Katy’s Mother, Parent

“I remember how I was desperately looking for a good speech and math program one year ago for my grade six boy who was upset about his school performance after living overseas for nearly 11 years.  His new class teacher in a top Vancouver public school not only assigned him to an ESL class, although his first language is English, but she also commented that his math shows “no basic comprehension”.   Luckily, after several months of desperately looking for remedial classes, we were recommended by an experienced English teacher to attend both OPUS’s speech and EPGY math program which later on assessed my son’s math at a much higher level.  Thanks to Stanford University’s EPGY math course, my son’s math level was not only confirmed by a more truthful diagnostic assessment, but also he is a much happier youth because of his talented and patient EPGY math tutor who knows how to challenge him and accelerate his math level over time.  For his speech classes, we want especially to give thanks to Shannon who has been so kind and so encouraging to my son that he now even pushes us to continue his speech lessons “forever”.  After taking classes with Shannon since last November, Geoff’s oral presentation skill and debating skill is dramatically improved which helps him to reach his goal or future career plan.  I could not imagine how Geoff could change so much from a depressed student, nearly failing at school, to a confident and hopeful young man.  Thank you, Shannon and Darren and OPUS — it’s because of OPUS’ outstanding teaching staff, my child has become a good testimony to ‘if you are willing, you can make it’."

~ Grace, Parent


“ 三個月前,在我考察了不少課外活動學校之後,貴校以其與別不同的課程設置和優秀的教師背景吸引了我。我給我兒子 Eric 註冊了貴校的 Public Speaking and Drama Program。一個月多後,看着本來害羞的 Eric 終於漸漸變得開朗和活躍了。我又給他註冊了你們的 EPGY 英文寫作課程,又是一個多月過去了,Eric 的英文寫作也獲得了很大的進步。在這三個月中,我很驚訝於發生在 Eric 身上的變化。無論在 communication skill 還是在 academic 方面,他都取得了巨大的進度。我想這些進步得益於 Opus 獨特的課程設計,專業而又敬業的指導老師,良好的管理模式以及 Eric 本身所付出的努力。我們很幸運能遇到 Opus 這樣的學校,在此我和 Eric 向你們表示衷心的感謝。

~ Elaine, Parent


“一個偶然的機會,讓我看到了 Opus 的宣傳單,於是我帶著孩子來到了這裡,開始為孩子補習英文,學習演講課。通過在 Opus 的學習,我孩子的英文和演講有了很大的進步,並且在我們來到溫哥華的第二年順利的考上了 St. George’s School。我很感謝 Opus Academy。”

~ Jin, Parent

“大寶寶 David 英文閱讀以前不會的,自從上課以來明顯進步,現在幼童的娃娃書基本閱讀不成問題。在學校上課,老師要他上台講故事、問他問題,他都能流利對答。很謝謝 Opus Academy 的老師教導。”

~ David’s Grandma, Parent

“Daniel 非常喜歡來 Opus上課,這裡的工作人員和老師都很親切友善,Teacher Vania 讓他在愉快的環境裡學習數學,他尤其喜歡這種學習方式,作業佈置的也很恰到好處。謝謝 Opus!”

~ Jenny Zou, Daniel Du’s Mother



首先,OPUS舒适的教室和配套性的教学设施及教材让孩子们学得轻松、有效。其次,OPUS的职员待人如亲人般温暖,他们对学生总是嘘寒问暖,关心备至。孩子们在这儿学习就像是在自己家里一样自然。另外,更值得推崇的是这儿的老师们,他们个个热情洋溢,谈吐幽默,在活跃的气氛中,孩子们在不断地完善着自我,追逐着梦想。通过SPEECH ART 课程的训练,DANIEL变得比以前更加自信。该课程帮助他勇敢面对升学面试,成功挑战学校演出活动主持人;在数学学习中,老师应用渐进式的教学方法,严格要求。在短短几个月中,DANIEL所掌握的知识已远远地超越了其所在学校的简单教程。如今,他不再觉得数字是那么枯燥无味,相反他渐渐地喜欢上了数学。

选择OPUS是我明智的选择,在这里,DANIEL学得安心、开心有自信。作为家长,我真诚地感谢opus的老师及员工,我将一如既往地支持我的孩子学在 OPUS。"

~ Faith, Parent 

" 溫哥華五月的下午,陽光輕撫著肌膚上每一寸毛孔,溫暖舒暢的感覺,油然而生!車子緩緩駛入Dunbar街,我的心情也更加明朗篤定。打開車門, Albert愉悅的跟我揮了揮手,就一股腦兒衝進OPUS的教室。今天他的課是英國文學(Speech Theory),預備一星期後RCM(The Royal Conservatory of Music)的考試。

看著他近三年來足足長高30公分的背影,我的思緒像經時間迴廊般頓時沉浸在2008年初春剛到溫哥華的情景。像許多亞裔父母一樣,三年前我們義無反顧橫越太平洋,期望在海的這邊發現孩子的新大陸,開拓一個美好未來的想像。當時雖不致蓽路藍縷,但初至溫哥華,人生地不熟,對大人已是嚴峻挑戰,遑論10歲不到的男孩。比我們更艱辛的是,他還得再學校「發憤圖強」,不辱十萬八千里外江東父老的期許。雖然在台灣,已針對英文加強學習,畢竟不是母語,剛開始 Albert在學校的適應,還真讓我們提心吊膽。其間也參加過一些英文補習班,生啃英文原文小說,猛記單字,這是我印象裡,Albert打從出生以來最「強」的一段時間。來到溫哥華半年後,為了要準備參加St.George’s學校入學考試的面試項目,經朋友介紹認識OPUS,從此為Albert打開一扇通往卓越的大門。


但最讓我驚喜的是OPUS的演講學程。亞裔的學生來到新的學習環境,英文即非母語,口才表現原來就比當地小孩略遜一籌。正好利用演講學程,加強英文口語訓練,提升在學校的課堂表現,自信心也如飛龍展翅般,在激烈競爭中,追尋屬於自己的驕傲,對將來大學入學面試也有極大幫助。演講學程可透過戲劇、辯論、新聞時事探討等課程進行,更上一層樓的方式就是參加RCM(The Royal Conservatory of Music)的認証檢定。透過對英國文學歷史的了解、詩歌散文朗讀及即興演講的訓練,讓學生的英文實力大幅提升。

將思緒拉回現在,我對OPUS充滿深深的感謝。Albert在OPUS的協助下順利進入St.George’s 學校,在學校課業表現也讓他自己感到驕傲,現在正在準備RCM的筆試與口試。不知道等一下他會與我討論莎士比亞還是愛默生的作品呢?


Just Opus! 如果在Dunbar街坡道上的藍天中,有一朵亮麗的白雲,那登上坡道,就是為了親眼目睹!"

~ Rosalind, Parent 


那知一上課後,果然看到孩子不同,不只是他的數學學習回復到“正常”程度(其實他的”正常 ”程度是比本省數學教材高出幾個年級),EPGY的數學老師Darren的風趣和因材施教彌補了孩子在學校因課程較為簡單的學習痛苦,使上學居然又成了一件”快樂”和”迫不及待“的事。不只如此,孩子原先因病口語較為不清,以致於常被誤解,在溫哥華班上竟常被恥笑,心理開始有疙瘩,也因Opus的演說課程而變得有自信。我們原先並不期望太高,只想他說話清楚不被誤解即可,但Shannon老師的愛心和鼓勵,卻使兒子一變成為喜愛演說,甚至考慮要成為辯護律師或高科技產品的高級銷售主管。而,這只是短短幾個月的時間。今天他甚至要求我們讓他繼續和老師上下期的課,只要常與她上課就好,因為他確實學到也掌握到好的演辯藝術技巧和樂趣。

當我在四五年前觀察到美國教育已有大變革,更強調領袖教育培養和演辯對申請著名大學及工作的重要時,一直苦無機會找到適合的老師教導孩子。每個孩子都是 ”天生我材必有用“,雖然我們是先經過本地教師誤判孩子的資質,但是心理真的很感激。OPUS的老師不斷鼓勵激發潛能,更重要的是,我們再次看到一個可以快樂學習的孩子。我衷心感謝Opus班主任引進這些在世界上素饗盛名的課程,並且把關任用極有愛心又高素質的老師。我的孩子的改變就說明了這一切並不是僥倖,乃是一群用心教育的專家彌補現時教育的不足。正如兒子也說:「媽,錢是小事,再讓我一直上下去。」課程貴嗎?報酬率太高了!"

~ Grace, Parent

Opus helped Jackie improve her speech skills from the very basics of articulating sounds to detailed finesse.  She also read many books throughout the term, and learned a lot from EPGY grammar lessons.

~ Grace (Jackie’s mom)

Opus Academy opened up a whole new world for us.  Before my son started at Opus, we didn’t know anything about Speech and Drama.  Opus unlocked my son’s potential with wonderful and qualified teachers.  The staff are very efficient and professional.

~ Janice (Timothy’s mom)

我家的兩個孩子都在 Opus學習過英語 SAT, Speech.  女兒 Kathy 還和老師學習了大學面試技巧. 我覺得這裡的老師很專業, 教課認真負責, 我家的孩子不僅從老師那裡學到了各種專業學術上知識 ,而且還學到了老師認真負責的良好行為和態度 . 感謝各位老師和校長的精心安排, 我覺得孩子們在 Opus  的學習經歷會讓他們受益終身的.

~Sarah (Leon and Kathy’s mom)

以前我女兒比較害羞, 自從在 Opus學習 Speech and Drama 後. 女兒變的較開朗, 喜歡跟人說話, 表情也變的豐富生動, 然後平時會練習寫些英文小詩歌, 覺得學習是非常快樂的事情! 所以很感謝 Opus 讓女兒每天都想來上課, 跟老師學習和分享所學的 ,所見的事物; 也讓女兒建立了想去美國常春藤名校的目標!

~Holly (Jenny’s mom)

Opus 是大溫 地區最好的課外學習中心, 他們不僅具有高水平, 負責任的教育顧問及管理團隊, 同時 Opus老師的教學水平也是一流的. Jason 從小學四年級開始在這裡學習, 五年多來他不僅在英文寫作, 演講能力, 學習技巧, 鋼琴及樂理等多方面取得了非常大的進步 ,同時Dr. Janette Lim 早期為Jason 製定的學習計劃為他今後 high school的學習及報名大學做好了充分的準備.  Opus最大特點之一是他們不僅可以提供全方面的課程需要, 更重要的是他們可以針對不同學生的特殊需求提供幫助.

Opus 林老師的鋼琴課也是對 Jason 幫助最大的課程之一 . 它不僅提高了Jason 學習鋼琴的興趣和積級性, 同時大大加強了Jason的自信感.  在林老師這裡學習 AP Music Theory不僅學的輕鬆, 愉快, 而且在 8年級就取得了AP 5分的好成績!

Jason從小在 Opus學習 speech至今, 這對他後來在學校參加 Model UN, Debate, 課堂   presentation 都起到了巨大的幫助. 總之, 如果你想提高孩子的演講水平 , 提高孩子的寫作能力 , 提高孩子對音樂的熱愛, 找一個能夠幫助你子女及早規劃的優秀教育顧問 ,那麼就請把孩子交給 Opus . 這裡不會讓妳失望!

~Susan (Jason’s mom)

特別推薦數學老師 Vania.  她是絕無僅有的好老師,  她不僅教孩子數學知識, 更教給孩子數學的思想方式,; 她不僅教一個個知識章節,更會引導孩子融匯貫穿;她不僅注意對孩子知識結構的完善培養,更思想開放,善于和敢于用各種手段如競賽遊戲等多種方式提高孩子的興趣. 學得廣,學得活,學得開心!

Jack 跟  Vania學了三年 受益良多 我們要把這個最好的老師推薦給每個人 我們也要向這個最好的老師說 BIG THANK YOU!

我們的孩子在Opus 三年 ,受益良多, 我認為值得向每個家長作強力推薦 –

(1)  Opus最大的優勢和特色是 Stanford University EPGY的研發團隊開發的課程設計體系. 它提供了一個科學的, 系統的, 長效的強大支持平台; 孩子一旦進入了這個體系, 就被納入了正確的, 高效的軌道. 這在溫哥華目前眾多的補習機構中絕無僅有!

(2)  教師隊伍給嚴格篩選 – 每個老師都非常優秀 ,既專業又敬業; 既要求嚴格 ,又能讓孩子始終保持學習興趣. 難能可貴!

(3)   管理團隊強有力的支持體系 –  校長和招生主管Caroline對每個孩子僚如指掌. 她們通過和老師, 家長, 孩子的不斷交流和仔細觀察 , 始終在幫助家長選擇, 調整, 提出正確的建議 , 受益頗多. BIG THANKS TO OPUS!!

~Jessica (Jack’s mom)

Opus 培訓機構對孩子的幫助非常大, 很明顯感到孩子的進步和自信心的提升; 所有老師都很負責任, 也有耐心 . 孩子上的 Speech, L.A.W. , SAT English & Piano課程都取得了好成績! 校長也提供了父母很多寶貴的建議和課程規劃, 謝謝Opus ! 希望Opus能更卓壯, 繼續幫助更多的學生.

~Ling (Patrick’s mom)

我的女兒Mandy 在 Opus Academy 學習演講 3 年多, 她的自信心及英文學習成績進步明顯 .多謝 Opus Academy!

~Susan (Mandy’s mom)

經朋友介紹來到 Opus Academy , 兩個孩子在這裡學習了約一年半, 有了明顯的進步. 尤其是在演講方面, William有了很大的提高 , 並屢次于演講考級和比賽中拿到金獎及好成績, 離不開Opus 的幫助.

老師們專業性很強, 並且很負責任, 感謝Opus的所有老師和校長對兩個孩子的辛苦付出!

~Weina (William’s mom)

“Communication skills are life skills. Learning to speak with clarity and confidence is one of the most important things a child can learn in his/her lifetime. Opus Academy provides children with the tools to learn these important skills. The staff at Opus Academy is amazing. Caroline and Sharon take care of administrative needs with ease and have a solid understanding of the programs as well. They take care to ensure that parents’ schedules are carefully considered and are always accommodating. Dr. Janette Lim is an excellent director who genuinely loves learning and wants Opus students to achieve greatness. The teachers at Opus are smart, caring, generous and patient. They work individually with students and focus on their specific needs. The students at Opus are top notch. They are eager to learn and have a hunger to excel. As a teacher at Opus Academy I was able to see amazing progress and results with children who were consistent with their weekly lessons. Persistence and practice is the secret to success. I cannot recommend Opus Academy with enough enthusiasm."

~ Christina Nicolaou, M.F.A., M.A. Speech and Drama teacher

The greatest reward that I got by teaching the students of Opus Academy was the chance to interact with talented, innovative and inquisitive students. The majority of these students are open minded about the opportunities. Teaching the small class of motivated students fosters free-dialogue and interactive pedagogical methods.  We recommend Opus Academy to students who want the academic challenge, who are ready for independence with guidelines, and who are motivated to achieve."

~ Teresa, English Teacher

“The EPGY Language Arts program is an efficient and user-friendly computer based program.  The students enjoy the hands-on approach of the Language Arts program.  They have the best of both worlds: the teacher’s lessons with one-on-one attention and today’s modern technology!  Students progress at their own rate and in many cases skills in reading and writing have increased twofold.  EPGY trained students are able to transfer their skills to their high school curriculum and have better success in all academic areas.

The EPGY Writing program stresses essay writing, classic literature and inferential skill development.  Students in BC have improved their academic standing by studying these areas and have achieved their potential in school subject areas as well as in related provincial exams.”
~ Helen, Secondary School Teacher

(Teaching EPGY Writing & Language Arts and Writing courses)

“Opus Academy offers engaging and interactive classes. I have been teaching Speech Arts and Debate classes at Opus Academy for nearly four years. The reason I love teaching here is because I am able to work with some of the most dynamic and hard working students in Vancouver. Our Speech Arts classes teach students how to overcome their fear of speaking in public and understand the different formats of speech delivery. Our debate classes allow students to think critically and explore the world of argumentation. Throughout the course of our challenging and rewarding classes, I have witnessed students grow into confident speakers and flourish at our term-end recitals. "

~ Azin Sadr, BC Certified Teacher

“At Opus Academy, we strive to answer all of the questions students ask about starting a university career. With so many schools to choose from, it is comforting to know that we assist students in finding the best fit for their interests, goals, and personalities. At Opus, students work hard on their essays and applications, and it is very rewarding to see students express themselves in such a thoughtful and articulate way. It is also wonderful to watch students gain the confidence to apply for top-tier schools across the globe, and to see the positive results.”

~ Leah Bailley, BFA, MFA in Writing, University Counsellor and Writing Coach

I’ve been a teacher with Opus Academy for these past 7 years. Teaching EPGY LAW / EG 20, ESL, English Language Arts, Social Studies and French at Opus has been a very rewarding experience. What I particularly appreciated was having the chance to learn about teaching in various ways, through the extensive library, extremely helpful professional and creative colleagues, professional development days and last but certainly not least from the students. Opus has given me a wealth of teaching experience, all levels and ages and I have gained many long lasting friends. Seven years well spent!

~Helen-Mary Coates, BA, BEd, MEd

Opus Writing, Social Studies & French Teacher

“Opus Academy and its exclusive offering of Stanford’s EPGY Mathematics Program offers a unique opportunity to learn, excel and be challenged in an environment set-up for young people to learn about mathematics. I have found that the environment of challenging problems to explore, the continuous on-line evaluation of our student’s progress, the integrated curriculum and the more personal interactions between students and teachers has created some of the best conditions for gifted students to learn a subject that seemingly proves to be quite challenging for most students in many of today’s traditionally structured classrooms.

I have noticed that the students who have worked with me proceed at a pace that makes sense to them and works most appropriately with their own capabilities. I have found with our gifted students that they show a great attitude towards learning in general and mathematics in particular: we often have stopped in the middle of lessons to explore a particular problem in much greater depth. The on-line environment nicely combines questions from every thread of the curriculum that is appropriate for each child’ age and ability, covering essential basics to more challenging questions involving making connections across the curriculum. I have found that the young children with whom I have worked have a wonderful attitude, disposition, ability to learn complex ideas, and a willingness to be challenged by an opportunity that they usually do not get in their usual classrooms at their schools.”

~ Darren Stanley, BSc, MEd, PDp, PhD

Opus EPGY Math Teacher (2004-2005)

Now a Faculty Member, Education Department

University of Windsor, Ontario

I love seeing the students’ academic and intellectual progress through the year. Watching motivated students learn something new is the most rewarding aspect of my job whether it’s how to outline detailed neurocognitive processes such as neuroplasticity, designing clinical research or drawing molecules in catabolic biochemical reactions of cellular respiration. I love watching students eyes light up and witness their excitement when they realize they have accomplished and mastered something new! I absolutely love my job and find it challenging and rewarding each and every day. There is always something new to look forward to and I truly enjoy and consider it a privilege to teach these remarkable students within such a fine institution like Opus, dedicated to the scholarship and personal development of each and every student.

~Ms. Shenaz Shahban, BA, MA, RCC, PhD Can.

AP Psychology & Biology Teacher

Being a teacher at Opus Academy is a really rewarding experience. We get to see students improve their skills through structured classes and goal oriented learning outcomes while being provided with the proper tools and support to make our classes a success. I think that the exam based curriculum really gives students something to strive towards and it is so amazing to see their hard work and dedication pay off. As a teacher I really appreciate that Opus involves parents as much as possible in their children’s learning experience and finds every way possible to ensure students achieve positive results in their studies.

~Amanda Konkin, BA, MA

Opus Speech and Drama, Debate teacher

Kristin Linklater, one of the world’s great voice teachers, maintains, “Muddy thinking is the fundamental obstacle to clear communication.” As a professional theatre artist and champion of authentic human expression, I encourage Opus students to think about what they think about and express what they want to express, in a way that reveals the personality unique to each student. This discovery process lasts a lifetime — and what better time to start than in these all-important pre-university years.

One of the most useful tools a young person can learn is Standard Outline Form, a method of constructing ideas cogently. Master that, and you will never shudder at the thought of having to write an essay or prepare a presentation.  That’s just one of the educational skills we teach at Opus.

Early in in public-relations career, I sat in on a meeting with an important, very outspoken client. I sat there quietly, politely, nervously. I didn’t think it was really my place to contribute to the meeting because, after all, who was I? Just the new guy, with nothing to add. How wrong I was. The client eventually turned to me and demanded, “Are you going to say anything? If not, then why are you here?” It took a moment, but I realized that the client wasn’t scolding me, but rather encouraging me to participate, to bring myself to the issue at hand. He was asking that I step up, be of value, contribute. He wasn’t asking me to lead or even follow, but to collaborate. That was an important lesson for me, and a lesson I encourage Opus students to learn: you are of value, and the world will benefit from your contribution to it.

~Guy Fauchon, BFA, MFA

Opus Speech and Drama teacher

It has been my experience as an AP Social Studies teacher that students find courses such as World History and Comparative Government not only academically challenging, but also intellectually rewarding. Throughout these courses students hone their academic writing and note-taking skills. By the end of the course it is abundantly clear that they have developed the tools necessary for success at the post-secondary level.

~Mike Silber, BA, Bed, MEd

Opus AP, English and Socials teacher

Opus Academy is one of the best programs in speech and drama that I have encountered. Its systematic approach to building skills related to communication, movement, and literary knowledge provides a strong grounding in these areas for children of all ages. Dealing with both practical and theoretical development offers students a broad range of knowledge applicable to everyday life and enhances their critical learning, which is very important for their school years and beyond. The standards we expect of our students and teachers at Opus are very high and students learn to be disciplined in their work in order to succeed at the level we expect of them. We engage parents in the process in order to provide a united team for the students to rely upon. There is nothing more personally satisfying than watching a student understanding and implementing new concepts and deepening their ability to communicate effectively and with enjoyment.

~Amanda Lockitch, BA, MA

Opus Speech and Drama, English literature teacher

My name is Vania Alexieva and I have taught Math at Opus since 2006. Math EPGY program is a user-friendly computer program for students from kindergarten to grade 7. Secondary level math courses include: Beginner and intermediate Algebra, Geometry and Calculus. The majority of the lectures and assignments are on the computer, followed by additional exercises. Each session usually has two major segments – the computer based EPGY with teacher support when needed and individualized one to one teaching. The individualized additional teaching segments are on math topics unique for each student’s level and skills. The combination of the aforementioned segments allows students to develop strong mathematical knowledge as well as to be challenged mathematically for further development of their critical thinking and creative mathematical skills.

Teaching at Opus Academy for the past 8 years has given me the chance to interact with talented, innovative and inquisitive students. I try to assess the student’s skills as best I can and to precisely understand each student’s thinking process. Then I try to strengthen some of their skills, if needed or challenge them to accelerate their learning. Students are happier when they are provided with enriched learning and parents are much happier when they are able to guide their children’s education. We at Opus and parents share the same goal: to develop and motivate our students to reach their full potential.

In every session I try to provide a stimulating learning environment so students can do their best. I learned that there are times when it is best not to help a student ― if I believe that student can overcome their struggle and gain wisdom in the process. Since 2006 I have witnessed immense improvement not only in students’ math skills, but also the growth of self confidence, concentration, organizational and time management skills for many students taking the EPGY classes. All these skills empower them to become competent thinkers and leaders of the future.

I have rich memories from the past, and a present that remain an exciting and challenging adventure, filled with joy and fun because I am allowed to spend my days with such motivated, talented kids, who are our future. I enjoy teaching them very much!

~Vania Alexieva, BSc, BEng

Opus Math and Computer Science teacher