Education Program for Gifted Youth (EPGY) Developed by Stanford University

Opus Academy is a provider of high quality after-school enrichment education in the lower mainland of Vancouver. Opus Academy was founded to serve the growing needs of enrichment and gifted education to students of high ability in all ages and skill levels. Our diverse course offerings include EPGY, public speaking and debate, speech arts and drama, and classical music. Our students have won a number of awards and high placement in various world recognized examinations, competitions and festivals. We continue to expand our course offerings.

Towards this end, we have undertaken a relationship with Redbird Advanced Learning whereby we are offering a number of Education Program for Gifted Youth (EPGY) courses developed at Stanford University.


EPGY Courses   Mathematics | English



EPGY courses represent the culmination of 40 years of research and more than 35 years of experience teaching computer-based courses at Stanford. EPGY courses use a variety of technologies to provide gifted students with a multifaceted, highly individualized learning environment. Students who show ready mastery move quickly through a course, while slower learners receive the attention they need.

At Opus Academy, the EPGY courses are taught in a real classroom with face-to-face tutors who are available while the students are working on the computer-based curriculum. Qualified instructors monitor student performance and provide tutorial support.



EPGY courses aim to present gifted students with the opportunity to learn suitable to their ability. EPGY now supported by Redbird Advanced Learning strives to deepen and improve the nature of computer-based learning instruction. Courses are revised regularly based on the data collected on student performance.

EPGY courses individualize instruction and accommodate individual differences in student learning, as well as to allow students to progress at their own paces and to accelerate their education.


Unique Model

Computer-based learning
The fundamental mode of presentation within the EPGY Courses is the “lecture” consisting of digitized sound accompanied by synchronized graphics. These lectures capture the informal nature of classroom instruction, while preserving the level of rigor appropriate to the subject matter. At Opus, the concepts discussed in the lectures are further explained by actual instructors in a real classroom.

On the computer, after students receive a lecture, they are asked questions about the material they have just seen. The computer evaluates their answers, giving them immediate feedback. Using the results of these exercises, the computer is able to customize the course experience to accommodate individual differences in student learning.

  • Progress Reporting: The EPGY courses use sophisticated data collection and analysis techniques, allowing teachers to keep detailed records of individual progress, and assuring appropriate support for every student. At Opus, we have regularly scheduled parent conferences to keep you updated of your child’s progress.
  • Tutorial Classroom Support: At Opus Academy, we combine EPGY multimedia computer based learning with face-to face instruction by our experienced and qualified teachers for maximum benefit to students. The real classroom gives students a live forum in which they can interact with instructors and with other students. Our small group environment allows for more individualized attention.
  • Individualized & Advanced Learning: Students progress at a rate determined by their own ability and effort. Students who show ready mastery move quickly through a course, while slower learners will receive additional instruction.

Our dedicated, certified and experienced instructors are committed to the students’ further intellectual growth. Instructors monitor student progress, review student assignments, and help identify particular student difficulties. The Opus Academy instructors have been chosen for their thorough knowledge of the subject, their dedication to teaching, and their expertise in using technology to provide a high level of support. Students are encouraged to take advantage of this resource.

Course Completion
Students will receive a course completion certificate issued by Opus Academy upon request once course is completed.

EPGY at Opus Academy
At Opus Academy, we supplement the EPGY courses with Opus enhancement activities to fulfill the academic needs of the local students and to extend their learning.

Qualifying for EPGY at Opus Academy
To qualify for EPGY courses at Opus Academy, students must provide evidence of their intellectual ability. A detailed guide of the Opus Academy Admissions Policy is available at all Opus Academy centers.

Application and Registration
Applicants should apply in person at our centers. Once a student is admitted to the program, confirmation will be sent either by mail, fax or phone. Students will begin courses at prescribed dates.



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How to Contact Opus

Students interested in taking EPGY courses at Opus Academy should visit us:

  • Vancouver : 5635 Dunbar Street, Vancouver, B.C. V6N 1W5
  • Tel: (604) 267-3749 (EPGY)
  • Fax: (604) 267-3748

Internet inquiries should be directed to