Classical Music Program

Opus Academy of Music strives to assist students in realizing their full musical potential, while fostering a breadth and depth of musical knowledge and appreciation.

Our Mission:
We aim to train tomorrow’s performers, teachers and audiences.

Private Instruction
We offer instrumental instruction in piano.

Theory Classes
We offer a complete range of theory classes at the Basic and Advanced levels to meet the Royal Conservatory of Music exams or other Diploma programs.

Courses includes:

  • Rudiments: Preliminary, Grade I, Grade II
  • History III, IV, V
  • Harmony III, IV, V
  • Courterpoint IV
  • Analysis and Counterpoint V
  • Viva Voce (ABRSM, TCL,LCM)

History Classes:
History courses are taught using a stimulating combination of lecture, audio or visual presentation of works and composers under study.

Ear Training and Sight Reading Classes:
Students focus on technique, ear training, note reading, rhythm, keyboard theory and singing.

Advanced Placement (AP) Music Theory:
AP is recognized in the US, Canada and more than 40 countries. Students have the opportunities to earn credit or advanced standing in North American and international colleges and universities.

Other Learning Opportunities
Master Classes:
Students have the opportunity to join Master Classes which will provide helpful evaluation leading to increased confidence and heightened musical learning experiences. Students l have the opportunity to join our annual grand recitals and other performance opportunities. 

Music Festivals & Competitions:
Students also have opportunities to participate in various local, national or international festivals and competitions, such as Kiwanis Music Festival, Vancouver Music Festival, Student Performers Guild, Canadian Music Competition, and many other venues for a full musical learning experience.

Special workshops focus on communication skills, pedagogy skills and learning theory.