About Us

Opus Academy is a leading provider of high quality after-school enrichment education in the lower mainland of Vancouver. Opus Academy was founded to serve the growing need of enrichment and gifted education for high aptitude students of all ages and skill levels.

We provide a rewarding learning experience in the breadth and depth of our diverse course offerings which include Education Program for Gifted Youth (EPGY), courses developed by Stanford University, Opus Public Speaking and Debate, Opus Speech Arts and Drama, Opus Critical Reading & Writing, Advanced Placement Courses, Academic Subject Enrichment and Classical Music Programs. Our comprehensive services include university admissions counselling, private school admissions counselling and educational planning.

Opus students have won a number of awards as well as high placement in various universally recognized examinations, competitions and festivals. We continue to expand our course offerings. Most importantly, our students deepen their love of learning, face challenges and excel in their work through increased confidence and motivation. Our students are not only better prepared in class, but also better prepared for post-secondary education in North America and elsewhere in the world.

At Opus Academy, we understand that a child’s education is one of the most important investments that parents will ever make. Since we consider education to be a process that extends beyond the school walls and school hours, we recognize the importance of the role of parents within the process of education. As such, we are committed to building partnerships with parents through our collaborative approach to student achievement.



We strive to develop and motivate high aptitude students to reach their full potential by providing enriched and accelerated learning in core academic subjects, communication arts (Public Speaking and Debate, Speech and Drama) and music, through unique and specialized education programs taught by inspiring teachers using advanced technology. Our goal is to increase students’ confidence, empowering them to become competent thinkers and leaders of the future.

Through our comprehensive Counselling Services, we help students and families navigate the complex university admissions process or the private school admissions process by providing personalized services to meet student’s individual needs and by finding the best fit institution based on student’s individual strengths and talents.


We envision a global network of Opus alumni graduating from highly selective universities and making their impact as leaders in their chosen fields of endeavor. Since our Opus students have early training in communications skills, strong academic foundations and leadership skills, we foresee them becoming significant contributors to their local and international communities.


Nurturing a lifelong love of learning

We believe that by instilling and nurturing the love of learning in individual students, we can promote their lifelong interest and enjoyment in academic subjects and the performing arts.

Our Beliefs

  1. Empowered students equipped with strong communications skills become better speakers, writers and listeners and succeed in school, university and beyond.
  2. Empowered students with a strong academic foundation excel at their academic and personal goals.
  3. Students with an enhanced love of learning go on to build a communities of intellectually curious individuals.
  4. Students having the encouragement of teachers and role models optimize their learning and maximize their potential.


Motivated to learnIMG_2468

Opus students come from reputable local private and public schools; therefore, they become part of a stimulating learning environment of likeminded peers who motivate one another.


Well designed

Our facilities are well-equipped with advanced technology, audio-visual tools and resource materials to facilitate learning. The well designed centers are highly conducive to a positive & optimal learning experience.


Since 2002, Opus Academy has been the premier provider of after-school enrichment education in the Greater Vancouver Area. Over the years, we have expanded our programs and services to meet the growing needs of our students. The Opus Academy team of experienced educational leaders, administrators, teachers, counsellors and professionals work towards one common goal, that is, to instill intellectual curiosity, to nurture and develop the potential of students, from specific skill development and academic enrichment to successful university admissions. We empower our students for a lifetime of success in their professional and personal lives. Through the years, we have imbued our students with a passion for learning.

The Team

Our educational leaders, teachers, counsellors & administrators are highly professional and work towards one common goal—to develop the potential of every student. They hold doctorate degrees, masters degrees, as well as other teaching credentials and they possess many years of experience in teaching or in their fields of specialization. By offering the best teachers, counsellors and administrators to work side by side with every student, we help empower the student to reach his or her potential.


Our teachers know how to motivate and inspire students. They have subject area expertise and are committed to students’ success. They guide students not only to understand but also to master foundational and advanced materials, equipping students with the skills necessary to succeed in school, college and beyond. Our teachers push students to achieve their personal best, academically and socially. Their goal is to expand the intellectual curiosity of each student while helping to develop character.


Our counsellors are experienced and knowledgeable in the university admissions process, with a deep and objective understanding of many universities and their offerings, the university application, and the personal essay. Our counsellors stay in touch with current trends and spend much time touring campuses, talking with university counselling professionals and admission officers. They have the knowledge and tools to help students succeed in the university selection process.

Our team has over 200 years of combined knowledge and experience. Since we opened our doors, we have worked with thousands of students. Through early and purposeful preparation at Opus, many students have been admitted to highly selective universities and embarked on fulfilling careers. Some have gained leadership positions in their chosen fields of specialization.