Opus Admissions Counselling

Opus Academy is committed to helping your child choose the most suitable program, school or college for his or her intellectual, social and emotional growth. We offer unbiased and professional advice to help your family choose the right university or high school/boarding school match that best meets the individual needs of your child. In addition, we assist families in choosing summer enrichment programs to best prepare students for university.

Your child’s success is our passion!

Opus Academy has helped many students navigate the challenging phases of their education. As mentors and role models, our teachers and counsellors work together to develop students’ academic and artistic potential. Our objective is to empower students to reach their educational and personal goals for a lifetime of success in university and beyond.

Since its founding, Opus Academy has provided students with educational counselling services for admissions to private day/boarding schools, universities and graduate schools in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

  • K-12 Private School Admissions
  • University Admissions Counselling
  • Graduate & Professional School


Private School Admission Counselling

Opus Academy guides families through the private school application process for students in K-12 who desire to attend US or Canadian schools. Our team of counsellors and teachers will help identify the list of schools to apply for based on a student’s needs and interests. We help plan how to showcase the applicant. We help brainstorm and edit application essays. We prepare students and parents for interviews. In short, we provide guidance throughout the application process.

  • Private Day Schools
  • Boarding Schools


    • Elementary & High School Entrance Exams
    • SSAT – Secondary School Admission Test
      ISEE – Independent School Entrance Examination


    University Admissions Counselling

    Gain the Opus Edge–your pathway to admissions

    The need
    Are you anxious about your child’s success in the competitive US college application process?

    Plan early and be prepared.

    Your child’s higher education will be one of the most important and largest investments you will ever make. Making the right choice can save you money and emotional stress. The admissions process has grown more complex than ever: a plethora of university choices and intense competition for highly selective universities. With the increasing cost of a university education, it is even more crucial to choose a counsellor who will help guide your child in making the best decision for his or her university education.

    Who We Are
    We are a team of educational counsellors who brings a wealth of knowledge and expereience to the university admissions process. Not only do we have a deep and objective understanding of many universities and their offerings, the application form and personal essays, but we also thoroughly comprehend the university admissions process. At Opus, your child’s success in his or her university admissions is our priority. Our counsellors stay in touch with current trends and spend much time touring campuses, talking with university counselling professionals and admission officers.

    Our team-based approach ensures that students gain valuable insights from a multiplicity of perspectives.

    Our Services …………………….Personal Attention
    We offer various comprehensive planning packages for students. Your child will get the individualized attention and guidance to make the best decision for him or her. We empower students to identify their strengths and achieve their goals by equipping them with the tools for success in university and beyond. We help with the following:

    • University Admissions Counselling Packages: a complete range of packages that suit your individual needs. Packages are available for students from Grade 6 through 12.
    • Complete Range of Services: Test Preparation (SAT, ACTS, SAT Subject Test, APs) and Academic Subject Tutoring
    • Portfolio Preparation
    • Deferral / Wait List Consultation
    • Transfer Students Admissions

    Since university application time can be stressful for the family, we act as a buffer & taskmaster in the university admissions process. We ease concerns and maintain family harmony throughout the process. Our services are also available to students from across the country and around the world. At Opus, we can work with students in person, over the phone, via Skype or email.

    Professional Standards
    Opus Academy is a member of NACAC and its counsellors abide by the principles of good practice set by National Association for College Admissions Counselling (NACAC) and the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA).


    • College Entrance Exams
    • SAT, SAT Subject Tests, ACT, TOEFL

    • Advanced Learning
    • All subjects of the Advanced Placement (AP) exams, International Baccalaureate (IB) Tests


    Graduate School Admissions Counselling

    Opus Academy guides applicants through the graduate application process. Our academy is a great resource for students who want to boost their candidacy, through elevating test scores, enhancing work experience, personal statements/essays and other significant achievements.